Syringe Manufacturers

Syringe ManufacturersHaving a competent medical supplier on your side is crucial to being able to prevent disease and help save lives.

Although you may think the role they play is small in comparison with the constant stresses of something like heart or brain surgery, Syringe Manufacturers and other medical suppliers understand that the instruments they create are one vital step in the overall care and wellness of people from all walks of life.

Not All Syringe Manufacturers Are Created Equal

It can be tempting to buy syringes based on price or convenience.  Many physicians and assistants now have the ability to order many medical supplies directly online. But price shouldn’t be the only factor you look at – and it certainly shouldn’t be the one you base your decision on.  Always look for syringe manufacturers who are FDA approved and ISO 9001:2000 certified.  Ask about quality control measures and precision manufacturing involved and check to see if the manufacturer has created their own quality control measures or certifications to gauge the quality of the final product.

Types Of Syringe Customizations Available

Many syringe manufacturers will be able to provide specifications such as UV blocking syringes, silicone and chloride-free construction, class 10,000 and 100,000 tooling and much more.  Accuracy and dependability are key when working with any manufacturer – and with the demands of the medical industry, direct control and automatic production are crucial in making sure everything is done to your exact specifications.  Today, syringes can be made from a variety of sterile materials including polyurethane, polyethylene and polypropylene plastic as well as glass and nylon.  Syringes can be fitted with different tubing colors and weights to allow for easy organization and at a glance dispensing.

Syringe Manufacturers And Services

Many syringe manufacturers offer a variety of services beyond custom fabrication of syringes.  Ask about custom tubing options, existing syringe modification and repair as well as insert molding and assembly.  Most manufacturers will offer a wide assortment of customization options such as creating the syringe from three, four or five piece molds.  Syringe manufacturers often use fully automatic robotic production and assembly to ensure an exact replica of the molded syringe without the capacity for human error.  Each facet of syringe construction has a cost and an added timeframe.  Understanding the “full picture” is vital to not only getting the result you want, but at a cost effective price that doesn’t sacrifice or skimp on quality and precision.

Buying Syringes In Bulk

Each manufacturer has their own specifications and brand names.  Ultimately, the syringe manufacturers you choose to work with will depend heavily on the construction and fabrication options they present you with, their background in safety and quality control and deliverability.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions about every step in the manufacturing process. The difference of a few millimeters or an inaccurate marking can spell the difference between life and death.  Be sure to inquire about delivery, bulk pricing and order turnaround time to ensure that you always have a steady supply of the instruments you need right when they’re needed most.